Turning Lives Around - The Message
22 Nov 2022

Turning Lives Around

It’s amazing to journey with people as Jesus has turned their lives around. That’s exactly what’s been happening with Carwyn* who we first met whilst he was serving a sentence in prison. Now, his life looks totally different and he takes every chance possible to share the gospel with everyone he meets, and is seeing many come to know Jesus. We caught up with Carwyn to hear his story.

‘Growing up, my father died by suicide. He was a very violent man and caused a lot of trauma for my family. Following his death, my mother started struggling with her mental health and spent a lot of time in hospital. Growing up in this chaotic environment, I didn’t know any different and quickly got caught up with the wrong crowd. Soon I was in trouble with the police and ended up being sentenced to eighteen years in prison.

‘I had so much hate in my heart, so I started turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain and stress. One day whilst I was in prison I hit rock bottom so I prayed and cried out to God saying, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore. If you’re real, I need you to show me that you’re real.’ From then, I felt God really with me and I’ve been a totally different person since.

‘The next day, I went to chapel and wrote a letter to God giving my life to him. I was so excited that I went straight back to the lads on the wing telling them what happened and I’ve been going along to chapel and church services ever since. The whole time I was in prison, I couldn’t stop telling people about what Jesus has done for me and kept seeing people come to know God – it’s amazing to see all that he’s been doing on the wing.

‘Now I’m out of prison, my life is totally different. I’ve been getting qualifications in sport science and am a personal trainer working in a gym and helping people live fit and healthy lives. I’m also loving going along to church and I love seeing all that God’s been doing in and through me as I keep sharing my story with those around me.’