‘I Found Love Again And I Haven’t Looked Back’ - The Message
17 Jan 2023

‘I Found Love Again And I Haven’t Looked Back’

Our prisons team have been busy recently. As they’ve reached out in mission God is doing amazing things.

Over Christmas, our prisons team gave out 5,700 Bags Of Hope gift packs to prisoners across the country. It was incredible to be able to bless so many people practically and have the opportunity to pray with them. Amy* is one lady the team have been getting to know, as she got her pack she said with tears in her eyes, ‘I haven’t received a gift in 10 years and I can’t believe you brought this to my door! Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ We’re praying that each person who received a gift bag would experience Jesus’ love and want to find out more about the gospel.

Another lad our team has been getting to know is Freddie*. Since 2003, he’d been stuck in cycles of drugs and violence, and was having a tough time when we met him. As we got chatting and got to know Freddie, we were able to share more about the hope and peace that Jesus offers and invited him along to chapel services. And he said yes! There, Freddie heard the gospel and accepted Jesus into his life!

As they carried on meeting with him, Freddie said: ‘I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life and I felt full of dark and hateful things but when I accepted Jesus into my life, I found love again and I haven’t looked back!’

How incredible is that? He’s going from strength to strength in his faith, he comes along to Bible studies and is sharing about Jesus with everyone he meets in prison!

Do be praying for our teams, that as they have conversations with staff and prisoners today about Jesus, lives would be transformed by God’s love.


Would you like to join our prisons team? Find out more at message.org.uk/volunteer-with-us