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06 Apr 2023

Seeing Hope Break In

From day one our Message School of Evangelism (MSE) students not only get to grow their heart for others to hear about Jesus, but get to put their passion into practice too as they head out on mission.

Already this year, students have been running youth groups, serving in community cafés, heading out on Message Buses to run sessions with the teams and going into schools to put on lunch clubs. At the same time, they’ve been involved in homeless outreach with Barnabus and headed into prisons with our team.

As they go out, the impact on the lives of those they’re sharing the gospel with, as well as their own, is huge.

Keshar was recently in prison with some of our team. ‘Being on the prison placement has completely changed me,’ she said. ‘My heart has been utterly broken for these guys; being able to witness and be a part of their journeys is such a blessing. As I’ve spent time with the guys in Bible studies or simply hanging out with them, I’ve built relationships and heard about some of what they’ve been through. I’ve had the privilege of seeing a couple of the men accept Jesus into their lives, and you can see a transformation beginning in them. I’ll always cherish the friendship and kindness I’ve found here and can confidently say I’ve seen what happens as the hope of Jesus breaks into lives where hope seems so far from reality.’

And this is what MSE is all about. Packed with powerful teaching that helps students grow in their faith and develop a deeper understanding of the gospel, as well as mission placements across the UK and beyond, it’s ten months that changes students’ lives and sees their passion for evangelism taken to a whole new level.

If you know someone who’s passionate about the gospel and wondering what they’re next step may be, why not tell them about Message School of Evangelism?


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