Deciding To Follow Jesus - The Message
16 May 2023

Deciding To Follow Jesus

In South Wales, Owain and Emma, two of our prison workers, have been journeying with some lads and are seeing many come to know Jesus.

Emma has been getting to know Paul on the wing and she recently she got chatting to him about Jesus. As they talked, he shared about growing up a Catholic but that wanted to find out more about God. As she answered Paul’s questions, he had more, but after chatting together further, he decided he wanted to become a Christian!

A week later, Emma caught up with him, giving him a Bible and Paul was so excited, asking to be put in touch with a church when he is released from prison! 

As well as working in prisons, our team also support people leaving prison. People like Jonathan, who became a Christian last year. 

Since leaving prison, he’s got connected with a local church, which he loves going along to pray, and his probation team are so impressed with the change in him that they have offered him a voluntary role as a Lived Experience Support Mentor for Young Offenders! Every day, he’s growing in his faith and is excited for all God will do in the future saying to Owain, ‘I am thankful for every day, I know I am not alone’. Jonathan is even hoping to get baptised soon!