What Gives You Peace? - The Message

What Gives You Peace?

We caught up with Rosie, our Prisons Outreach Worker in London, about what happened when she challenged the lads in a Young Offenders Insititute to think about this important question.

‘I’m a Prisons Outreach Worker for The Message in a Young Offender’s Institute in west London. Over the last 14 months, my role has adapted around Covid-19 restrictions and whilst this has been challenging at times, it’s also given me the opportunity to explore new ways of working with the young adults.

‘While group work has been restricted, I’ve worked with more young adults on a one-to-one basis. During these sessions, I’ve been able to spend more time tailoring Bible study material to individuals and exploring how to use creativity to make the Bible more accessible. I particularly enjoyed creating an exercise which incorporated a young adult’s love of writing music into our Bible study and I’ve witnessed some exciting breakthroughs in faith during these times.

‘While I was unable to perform my regular duties in chaplaincy during the last lockdown, I volunteered to support the prison’s housing worker for two months. This was a really useful learning opportunity for me, and has given me a greater understanding of the resettlement process when I support young adults ‘through the gate’.

‘With young adults spending more time in their cells, I ran an in-cell art competition. I asked them to think about the question ‘what gives you peace’ and to create a piece of art in response to this. It was amazing to see how faith is such a rock for some of the young men during challenging times. If you’d like to see some of the art they produced, it is on display at Neal Street Espresso.

‘As restrictions ease, I am looking forward to starting up more groups and supporting more young adults ‘through the gate.’’