‘Thanks To Jesus, I Finally Love Myself And Others’ - The Message

‘Thanks To Jesus, I Finally Love Myself And Others’

Every day as Message In Prisons teams head into prisons across the UK sharing Jesus with everyone they meet, leading Bible studies, mentoring, running music classes, Alpha and the4points, they’re seeing lives transformed by love of Jesus. We caught up with Paul to hear more about what God’s been doing.

‘I’ve been getting to know Callum for a while now. Because of the things he’d done in the past, he was so full of self-hatred and disgust that he couldn’t even look in the mirror. Chatting to him, he shared how he was feeling and how he needed things to change in his life. As I’ve got to know him, I’ve been able to share about the love of Jesus with him and got to give him a Bible, resource pack and to pray with him. One evening, he was reading John 3:16 and it hit home how forgiven and loved he was by God and how much he needed Jesus in his life and heal him. Then and there, he responded to the gospel and gave his life to Jesus!

‘After having the best sleep he’d had in ages, Callum woke up feeling completely different – without any feelings of self-hatred or despair – and was able to look in the mirror for the first time in years and was filled with an overwhelming sense of love and peace. As he came rushing to tell me the news, Callum had a huge smile on his face, laughing and joking for the first time. ‘I now see that I’m a loved child of God! Thanks to Jesus, I can finally love myself and love others.’

‘Another lad I met recently was Jaden who, despite only being in his twenties, had spent the last 15 years in various prisons and young offenders’ institutions. As I chatted with him about God, he said that he was sick of struggling with life and being stuck in the cycle of crime and brokenness. I shared about the hope and forgiveness Jesus offers and then and there, Jaden responded to the gospel and gave his life to Jesus!’