'This Is Where We Are Meant To Be' - The Message

‘This Is Where We Are Meant To Be’

Say hello to Eden Central Drive (Blackpool)! We caught up with new team leaders, Matt and Hannah, as they shared how God surprised them with a call to Eden, and chatted about what their hopes and dreams are for the new place they call home.

How did you become Christians? 

Matt – I am hugely blessed to say I’ve never really known a time without Jesus or believing in him. Like many others, I went to a summer camp as a 13 year old and made the decision to actually follow Jesus for myself. This then led to the journey that I am still on today. 

Hannah – I’m from a Christian family too so I’ve been going to church from a very young age but I also actually made the decision to follow Jesus at a youth camp. Since then, there have been ups and downs but I have always known that Jesus is with me.  

How did you get involved with Eden? 

Matt – We had never heard about Eden until February!! 

Hannah – It’s true! It was only when we were chatting to my old youth worker on Zoom during lockdown who happened to be a vicar in Blackpool that we heard about the Eden Team. A week later we were walking the streets of Revoe (Blackpool) and knew it was somewhere we needed to be.  

Matt – We love the incarnational element of Eden. Coming alongside people, doing life together and showing Christ’s love through our actions, and we new we had to get involved.

What are your hopes for the area? 

Matt – Our hopes for Revoe are to see an end to the cycles of social deprivation and instead see generations rising up, transformed by the love of Jesus. 

Hannah – Yes! Ultimately we want people to know they are loved by God and that God can transform their lives.

What things have you already seen God doing in the community? 

Matt – We have been so blessed to jump into work already started by Beacon Church. We had a great time at the summer holiday club and it was a perfect opportunity to get to know local families and members of the community. There are some amazing relationships which have already formed and God is clearly already at work – we just want to be part of the fun! 


Find out more about Eden and how to get involved at joineden.org or come along to our free Exploring Eden event on 14 October.