46 Respond To The Gospel In Wales - The Message
29 Mar 2022

46 Respond To The Gospel In Wales

It’s been a busy few weeks for our hub in Wales as they’ve taken mission to the next level. Through schools mission, youth work on the Message Bus, and bands performing at epic gigs, lives are being transformed.

SoulBox were recently in schools across South Wales with a full week of mission. After one lesson, a couple of girls got chatting to band member Sammy about her story around race and wellbeing. As they talked, Deja* opened up about how experiencing racism at school was affecting her self-worth and wellbeing. Sammy was able to share how her faith strengthened her in difficult times as it helped her know that she was made by a God who loves her. She then grabbed the opportunity to share the gospel, and encourage the girls in their identity.

On another day, the band got chatting to Megan who was chatty, confident and engaged well in the session – even winning a free ticket to the end-of-week LIFT gig. But then after the lesson, she reached out to SoulBox on social media sharing that she often felt insecure and questioned whether she was enough. The band were then able to share that she is enough and can find hope and a purpose in God. Megan then came along to the gig on the Friday and is really keen to find out more about Jesus.

At the end of the week, over 200 young people came along to LIFT for an evening of music and gospel. As they saw SoulBox perform more of their tracks, everyone in the room also got to hear more about Jesus, and had a chance to respond to this. That night, 46 young people responded and are getting plugged into the local church!

And this is just the start – there’s another LIFT planned in North Wales along with even more schools and bus mission in coming weeks, we can’t wait to see what God’s going to do.


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