Grabbing Every Opportunity - The Message

On Message School of Evangelism students spend 10 months being taught, equipped, and sent to share the good news of Jesus. And as they’ve been putting their faith into action, they’re having amazing conversations.

Megan was helping out with a community event that Eden Farnworth were running and got chatting to Paul. As they talked, he shared his story, and Megan offered to pray for him. As they finished praying, Paul said he’d felt a light on his head. Megan and other students then got to share the gospel and invite him to Alpha. 

Another group of students wanted to reach out to their neighbours over December. So, they decided to take round gingerbread to the people on their street, giving them an opportunity to invite them to church. The following week they wrote Bible verses on postcards and delivered them to their neighbours too. 

A couple of days later, they came home to a box of chocolates and a note saying ‘Thank you so much for the gingerbread and the postcard. It really encouraged me. I’m interested in getting to know more about Jesus’. Half an hour later, they bumped into the girl who had left the note, and they got to tell her more about Jesus!

Another student, Zac, was getting his hair cut by his barber, Aiden. As they were chatting, Aiden told him about how he was having a difficult time. Knowing this was an opportunity God had given him, Zac offered to pray for Aiden and invited him to church. A few weeks later, Aiden came to church with his whole family. Over the next couple of weeks, different members of Aiden’s family have come with him and have given their lives to Jesus, including his wife and mother-in-law!

When Zac went to get his hair cut again, Aiden told him how amazed he was at the difference in his wife since she gave her life to Jesus. She’s fully engaged with church and is inviting more and more people each week!