Growing In Boldness - The Message
22 Jun 2021

Growing In Boldness

As our Academy students continue to push themselves and step out in faith alongside our Eden teams, we are hearing many stories of the people they’ve met who have encountered Jesus.

One Saturday, whilst on mission with Eden Partington, the students did a gig with Amongst Wolves. Academy student Hannah fought off her nerves, and preached the gospel to the young people attending the gig and 10 people said yes to Jesus! She shared, ‘It was amazing, I was so happy. I even got the privilege to chat some of the girls and their faces were lit up with the power of Jesus and they were filled with his love! God really shows up when we step out!’

Meanwhile, Henry and Fred were working hard to promote a lads’ social in Partington that they’d planned, but despite stepping out into the streets they didn’t find anyone who wanted to come along. As they were about to give up, they felt God nudge them to walk down a particular street and bumped into two guys who were very excited to go to the social. Sure enough they returned later for the group. Henry and Fred felt God was saying, ‘They need to know that I’m their good Dad, the one that doesn’t let them down’. They faithfully shared about the love of our Father God and the impact was almost immediate ­­- they gave their lives to Jesus!

Whilst on mission with Eden Walsall, Grace shared an amazing story of how God reaches and loves each one of us as individuals. ‘When planning a youth group, we felt led by God to give the youth the chance to experience God for themselves. I went over to a girl and asked if I could pray for her family, as soon as I said this she burst into tears! It turned out that sadly her father has cancer. I asked her, “Is this the reason you don’t want to give your life to God?”’ Grace was able to share the gospel – that God loves us and that the evil in the world is because of sin and Jesus came to save us from the mess we have made. But that wasn’t all! This girl had felt rejected and hurt by the church in the past, but Grace was able to share God’s love and acceptance of us all. In tears and joy she gave her life to Jesus, her life changed because she had finally found love and acceptance.

Please join us in praying for all the amazing Academy students and our Eden teams. Pray that God would move mightily in their lives and that they would hear the call of God clearly.


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