Sharing Hope - The Message
22 Jun 2021

Sharing Hope

Our Academy students have not stopped grabbing every opportunity to tell people about Jesus whilst out on mission. Last week, some of the students were in Wales leading youth sessions, praying for those they met on the Message Bus and as they shared the gospel they saw many lives transformed.

Whilst prayer walking in Cardiff city centre, they met Rhiannon who was sitting by herself on a wall. As they chatted with her, they asked if she wanted prayer. Rhiannon started to laugh saying ‘I can’t believe you asked me for prayer right now, I’ve just received a text saying my mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.’ The students were able to pray with her, tell her about Jesus and the comfort, hope and peace he offers.

During her time helping out on the Message Wales Bus, Alice got chatting to a Anwen as she was painting her nails. Alice asked her if she could tell her about Jesus and she was really interested to find out more. As Alice was sharing the gospel, Anwen’s face lit up and asked how she could give her life to Jesus! She’s now so excited to find out more about God and get stuck in with the local church.

The next day whilst visiting a local school in Cardiff, Alice chatted to a group of girls who started telling her about what they wanted to do in the future. Straight away two of the girls said that all they could ever see themselves doing was working in McDonald’s as they didn’t think they were capable of anything else. One of them said ‘I can’t see myself doing anything else, I have no hope for my future.’ Sadden at their lack of hope, Alice started sharing with them about the love and hope they could find in Jesus. There and then they accepted Jesus into their lives and are already plugged into a church and going along to a youth group!


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