‘I Will Never Carry A Knife’ - The Message
28 Feb 2023

‘I Will Never Carry A Knife’

The No More Knives Tour has been out in four schools across Teesside bringing the truth-packed lessons to 5,296 pupils!

As band OTC and our NE Hub Youth team encouraged and equipped young people to make positive decisions about knife crime and say ‘no’ to carrying knives, students were impacted and saw there was a better way.

One Year 10 pupil said ‘Before, I always thought carrying a dangerous object would keep me safe but now I know that I am just putting myself in danger. What I have learnt from today is that not carrying a knife doesn’t make you soft but makes you safe. I will start thinking twice before doing anything.’

After another lesson, a Year 7 student said, ‘Now I see how a single knife can change many lives’ and another said ‘It made me realise how important it is to respond controllably and what can happen if I carry a knife. I will respond to my anger differently and never carry a knife.’ How incredible! We know that every decision to not carry a knife can save lives, but the tour is about even more than making our streets safer – we’re all about sharing the gospel with young people too.

So, as the teams met the young people, they invited them along to an evangelistic end-of-week gig that 268 young people came along to. Here, they had a great night full of music, fun and heard the gospel boldly shared. When hearing of Jesus’ love for them and about the hope and peace he offers, 98 responded! Each of these young people has now been connected with local churches that can help them grow in their new faith.