Gearing Up For A Summer Of Mission - The Message
19 Jul 2022

Gearing Up For A Summer Of Mission

Our Eden team in West Bowling (Bradford) are gearing up to a busy summer of mission. And as they reach out to the young people in their community, they’re building great relationships with them and their families.

One of the ways the team are doing this is through our Message Bus mobile youth centre. By running gospel-filled youth sessions on board, in partnership with the Eden team’s partner church, they’ve seen over 60 young people come along and each got the chance to hear the gospel.

Over five weeks, the Yorkshire Message Bus has been in Parkfield Park in West Bowling and the bus instantly became a talking point for young people – an immediate attraction that drew kids from the park and those passing by to come and visit. Word spread quickly about the Message Bus being in the area and many young people wanted to come onboard for the climbing wall, games consoles and slide, and to take part in the hot chocolates, snacks, rounders and football games that the Eden team were running alongside the bus activities.

‘Each week, over 60 young people came along and got the chance to hear the gospel and we gave out over 100 copies of Mark’s Gospel. As the majority of the population in West Bowling is Muslim, it was amazing to have the opportunity to share the gospel and chat about our faith in Jesus with the community’, said Luke, Eden West Bowling Team Leader. ‘At first, our hope for the Message Bus coming to the area was to build relationships with a couple more families and welcome them to church, but within the first few sessions, parents were asking us to host more and more clubs and opportunities for their children! Many young people have already said they’re coming along and we can’t wait to share the Bible with them at these upcoming sessions, and to see all that God’s going to do!’


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