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Yonng people at a Higher gig

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14 May 2024

Hope In Hanover Park

Meeting with over 1,000 young people in one week, Message South Africa had an incredible Higher Tour in Hanover Park (Cape Town).

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20 Oct 2023

Global Mates On A Mission

As we partner with some incredible people across the globe who want to reach their own nations with the gospel, we’re launching more international hubs!

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29 Aug 2023

Seeing Breakthrough

Message South Africa have had a busy season of mission and they’re having incredible opportunities to keep sharing the hope of Jesus.

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25 Oct 2021

Coming Full Circle

For many young people living in the toughest neighbourhoods in South Africa, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting involved in gangsterism. But we know this isn’t the plan that God has for them.

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22 Oct 2019

Taking Enterprise To The Next Level

Cape Town is never too far from international headlines at the moment as crime and gangsterism grips whole communities. At times it seems bleak but head to Gangstar Café in Mowbray and there you’ll hear stories of hope that go against what the media says. Every barista you meet has broken free from a life of crime and found a new life in Christ.

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