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Street Pastors: Caring for those without a home

Between 10pm and 4pm every Friday and Saturday night the Cardiff Street Pastor teams are out on the streets to care for, listen to, and help people they come across. They show the love of Jesus to everyone they meet in a practical way.

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SoulBox: A Lasting Impact

Sammy, from mission team SoulBox, shares a recent story of how they’re seeing the lasting impact of their work and how God is in the business of transformation…

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Young people watching television on the Message Bus

The Message Bus making an impact in Swansea

The Message first engaged with this community and the partner church – Gendros Baptist Church – through Higher South Wales. The church wanted to be involved with the tour but without any existing youth work they weren’t sure how. They offered to feed the bands who were on mission. This created a lot of hype […]

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