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22 Oct 2019

Taking Enterprise To The Next Level

Cape Town is never too far from international headlines at the moment as crime and gangsterism grips whole communities. At times it seems bleak but head to Gangstar Café in Mowbray and there you’ll hear stories of hope that go against what the media says. Every barista you meet has broken free from a life of crime and found a new life in Christ.

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22 Oct 2019

Come As You Are?

Are we preaching a middle-class gospel? Natalie Williams, author of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor, challenges us to focus on helping people to be like Jesus, not to be like ourselves.

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Message prisons worker
13 Oct 2019

15 Years Of Prisons Ministry

It’s been 15 years since I joined The Message as a Prisons Outreach Worker. I always thought I’d stick around for no more than five years, but here I am! I’d never stepped foot inside a prison before and to be honest I was a little apprehensive. I believed that I’d clearly heard from God […]

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11 Oct 2019

My Fresh Start

We met Dennis at the house his building team are helping to renovate. To see him laughing and joking with everyone it’s hard to imagine what his life was like before he met Christ.

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07 Oct 2019

An Alternative Route

Our Message buses are all about going and sharing the gospel with young people in hard-to-reach communities and equipping the local church to do the same.

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04 Oct 2019

Hope in the darkness

Amongst Wolves are our four-piece rock band mission team. The band comprises Mark (guitar and vocals), Clarissa (bass), Andy (drums) and new member Dan (vocals). We spoke to all four members about how they bring the good news of Jesus to the darkest places and to the most marginalised young people.

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The Eden bus
30 Aug 2019

Summertime In Ladbroke Grove

Over the summer, Eden Ladbroke Grove (London) ran a mission week with the Eden Bus along with N:serve to reach out to their community and share the good news of Jesus.

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13 Aug 2019

Street Pastors: Caring For Those Without a Home

Between 10pm and 4pm every Friday and Saturday night the Cardiff Street Pastor teams are out on the streets to care for, listen to, and help people they come across. They show the love of Jesus to everyone they meet in a practical way.

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04 Jul 2019

Eden Comes To Mill Lane

One of the team leaders of Eden Mill Lane – Duncan – shared some things he is excited for and also ways we can be praying and supporting the team in this new adventure.

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